25 Brutally Honest Reasons Why A Man Is Bound To Cheat Even The Women Who He Loves More Than His Life (#21 Is The Most Painful)


Trust is the basic ground that marriage holds upon, but when it is broken, it doesn’t always remain that way.

One thing’s for sure. being in relationships is not easy. No matter if the woman is more successful and has the biggest self-confidence, she will still be hurt if the man she’s with is cheating on her. The main mystery is why cheating happens in the first place? If you’re accusing yourself, you won’t get anywhere.


Instead, see the list of reasons why men cheat:


Some guys are only childish seductresses

The truth isn’t enjoyable at all some men love being seducers and have a lot of girlfriends. They see this simply as a game. Women that are consequently, avoid this type as much as they’re not worthy of your time.

Some are pathological liars, it’s in his DNA

Men lie, it’s often to look bigger – taller, richer, more powerful and more sexually attractive and lie so they could continue cheating.

Some want to demonstrate their masculinity

Negative role models and idols

He is adventure lover

He escapes when true intimacy is in scene because he’s scared

He craves to feel wanted

New encounters are sought by him

He’s a coward

He needs command and power

He has to prove himself

He’s juvenile

He likes to experience new stuff

Emotionally weak

He’s lustful

He is no longer intrigued and excited by you

You don’t worship him enough


This goes for both men and girls. Consequently, men are expected to supply a feeling of security and be strong, often, with no acknowledgment for this. Sometimes, this can lead to a sense of being just a “caretaker ”.

He seeks connection and real attachment

He cannot resist

He’s convinced that you’ll stay with him forever

He wants to end the relationship

He can get away with it

His excuse is alcohol

A Don Juan

Extraordinary expectations


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