In case you’re concentrating intensely for sound after-school snacks, you’re in luckiness. We have one that your kiddos will love! Solidified Yogurt Bites are a splendid approach to motivate them to eat more natural product, and they’re so natural to make (your children can even offer assistance)! Simply get scaled down ice solid shape molds at the store and prepare to make some convenient little treats.

The best part? There are just two fixings in these sound snacks! All you’ll need is your most loved vanilla yogurt (we incline toward Greek) and crisp raspberries.

Here’s the way to make them:

1. Marginally pound the berries with a fork — you’ll need some bigger natural product pieces in your nibbles.

2. Join the raspberries with the yogurt, blending great.

3. Utilizing a spatula, fill the ice shape molds with the yogurt blend, then rub off the abundance.

4. Put in the cooler until altogether solidified, around 6 hour or overnight. At that point pop the chomps out of the ice solid shape forms and appreciate!

Notes: To store, put your yogurt chomps in a little, resealable cooler safe compartment or zip-beat sack and come back to cooler. They will keep going for up to 1 month.

We adore keeping a bowl loaded with these sweet little nibbles in our cooler. It’s an awesome approach to have a cool nibble immediately available for my children. They completely cherish getting a couple solidified chomps after school and at whatever point companions come over.