Kitchen Hacks – Keep Lemon Slices in the Freezer for Immediate Lemon Water

Kitchen Hacks – I’ll be distributing a progression of tips and traps in the kitchen. Some might be super essential and you know them as of now yet perhaps you’ll discover something that will make your life simpler!

I’ve frequently had issues with lemons turning sour since I didn’t utilize them all up in time. Be that as it may, not any longer!

Did you realize that you can keep Lemon Slices in the cooler for prompt Lemon Water? It’s so natural and you won’t have any reasons not to drink Lemon Water! Lemon Water is super sound for you and you ought to drink lemon water each morning 🙂 Plus the solidified lime cuts additionally chill off your water a bit (which is extraordinary for the late spring!). You can utilize them for mixed drinks as well!

Utilize natural deliver! You don’t need lemon peel with pesticides swimming in your water.

Wash the lemon, cut it in cuts, put the cuts in a ziplock and stop! That is simple 🙂

What’s more, incidentally.. it works with Limes as well! (I generally have lemon and lime cuts in my cooler – Yummy!)

Do you cherish Lemon Water as well? It is safe to say that you are frosty Lemon Slices as of now? I’d love to know in the remarks!