Look Well At These Two Moles! If You Have Them You Should Know That One Of Them Is A Potential CANCER! (A PHOTO)


Some changes of the skin can indicate that something is not well with your health. So, when you notice a new mole or a mole that used to be small but suddenly it has grown, you should go to your dermatologist and check that mole. If you don’t go, there is a chance of this ending fatal for you. Still, then it will be too late.


Even if they look harmless, you can’t know if or when it will become malignant. Despite the suggestions and advice of experts, most of us ignore the warning signs and don’t check or control the moles. Moreover, we don’t usually use proper protection when exposed to sunlight.


Take a look at the picture above. There are two moles on it with different shape and you should know that one of them is a time bomb, which is not known when and whether it will ever explode.


If you spot a red mole that looks like a pimple or zit and it doesn’t go away soon, you should go to a dermatologist immediately.

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