If you are one of those people who feel like they just cannot cope with their weight problems, you are in the right place.

It may be that you have issues with your leptin,and they need to be coped with immediately. So, do you know what leptin is?

It is a hormone,which is secreted by your cells. It has a purpose of keeping your levels of energy and body weight within the normal boundaries.

The leptin’s function is recognized by two main actions – when the brain tell the body when it’s time to stop eating and when it stimulates the fat tissue to burn more energy.

As you keep getting overweight, the body produces more and more leptin in order to cope with the situation and to stimulate the fat burning process.

However, that usually stop shappening after a while. That is why most of the overweight people are suffering a condition called leptin resistance.

Here is what is actually happening – after longer period of high leptin levels, the body stops reacting to it. In other words, this means that the brain doesnot listen to the leptin anymore when it says it is time to stop eating or to boost the energy levels.

What happens next? Your body and health are disbalanced. It becomes much more difficult to lose weight and your energy level is dropping fast.

Your whole metabolism is slowing down at a fast rate. The leptin resistance also puts one at risk of chronic illnesses by excessing the inflammation and the stomach fat.

Another reason for leptin resistance may be one of those crash diets. A lot of people seem to be using them lately, but they are not good for the health.

By sudden increased calorie intake, leptin tricks the brain that it should still get more food, thus creating a health issue.

Our response to this is to try and avoid these crash diets, for the only thing they could crash is your metabolism and overall health.

And at the very end, bear in mind that constan consumation of processed foods may create a leptin resistance too. Foods high in sugar and fat, high fructose corn syrup, refined carbohydrates – they all do much harm to the body.

Keep track of what you’re eating and eat moderately – preserve your health at once!